Our Services

We offer a turnkey, full life cycle, service. We help you select the appropriate generator for your needs, and then we install it and provide regular servicing and warranty support throughout the life of the generator.


What the big-box retailers don't tell you is there are approximately 16 steps in the process of installing a generator - and only one of those is buying the generator itself!

In addition to the generator, you will also need a concrete slab installed according to local Code, and electrical and gas connections. Permits are needed before starting work, and the completed job needs to be inspected.

We take care of the entire process, and provide you with copies of inspection approvals at completion of the job.


We also offer after-sales routine servicing. Your generator is a big investment, and we will help you keep it in top condition by visiting and inspecting your unit twice a year. During these visits we will perform routine maintenance and check for perfect operation.


In the unlikely event you encounter a problem with your generator, we will work with the manufacturer to ensure the problem is diagnosed and corrected as quickly as possible..