Our Competitors

We want you to make an informed decision about your generator purchase, and we know we have competitors, so we thought we'd tell you about them;

Big Box Retailers

Big box retailers have buying power, and that's a fact. Because they can buy in bulk, they can sell generators at low prices.... if they want to. Check prices! We are VERY competitive.

Big Box Retailers employ good people. They need to be; they have to learn so much about so many different products. We only sell and install generators, and we visit your home to determine exactly which generator is best for you. Make sure the sales person you talk to at the Big Box has real experience with generators.

Big Box Retailers use 3rd parties to install your generator - or you can arrange installation yourself. Make sure whoever installs your generator is qualified; and know who you are going to call if your generator develops a problem in a month/year/2 years time. If it makes you feel comfortable you got a good deal, we are happy to install a generator you buy from a Big Box - just please let us help you decide which size generator to buy!

Electrical Contractors

Electrical contractors are qualified, licensed, and have broad experience of residential and commercial electrical installations. That's a fact, and because of that experience they can wire buildings, install electrical outlets, A/C units, lights, fans, ovens, washing machines, and a whole host of other electrical items. Our business is permanent stand-by generators, so we really do know how to size and install generators.

Electrical Contractors often install generators as part of a new home project, or as part of a bigger job. We are also qualified and licensed, but we are also specialized. We are trained by our supplier to install their generators, and we have close connection with them for technical support. That's why we can offer on-going Service Plans, and are authorized to carry out warranty work.

Electrical Contractors are busy people. Your generator is, in part, a car engine; and like a car it needs routine maintenance and inspection in order to run smoothly. Be sure to check how your contractor will service your generator - and especially make sure they will come back if your generator develops a problem in a month/year/2 years time. We offer Annual Service Plans, and we are authorized to carry out warranty work.


The most dangerous competitors of all - literally - and that's a fact!

A generator should only be installed by professional electricians and gas plumbers. This is NOT a subject for a DIY project; an incorrect installation could be deadly. Our install crews are experienced, and we comply with all permitting processes. We give you copies of official inspection approvals at completion of the job. Have peace of mind knowing your generator is installed correctly.

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